How To Buy

If you are not currently a Varpath customer : Purchase a “First Time Meeting”.

This is a heavily discounted meeting for new customers. We will discuss your options and help you set up an initial cybersecurity strategy. This meeting also incorporates one snapshot-in-time public visibility and dark web assessment (additional $299 value, for new customers only).

To make the most use of a Varpath subscription, we highly recommend all our customers start with compliance ready infrastructure. Alternately, have comparable infrastructure set up. A detailed example of what can be considered CRI (Compliance Ready Infrastructure) is available here on the CRI product page.

An appropriate amount of professional services should be budgeted ahead of time. A rough estimate is that smaller organizations can budget ~16 hours if they are well prepared. Around ~60 hours of consulting is more the norm for getting a framework or audit organized with us, but you can definitely save money if you do your homework!

Once set up, automation takes over. From that point onward, approximately one or two hours a week is considered normal. So 4-8 hours a month. This is typically used to review automation-discovered changes, fill a seat at your ESC (Executive Steering Committee), work on customer requests, and provide virtual CISO advice.

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