We understand our clients have businesses to run. There is nothing for Varpath to protect if we don't give you the freedom to profitably and efficiently run your business.

That’s why we take more than just a Zero Trust approach. We couple Zero Trust with a structure that is built specifically for small- and medium-size-businesses. An approach built over the last 15 years that relies on personal touch and efficient solutions. And, often most important to our clients, a respect for their privacy and freedom from restrictive policies.

Say goodbye to FUD. No more fear, uncertainty and doubt.

“Working with the Varpath team has been so easy. We have a lot of research and data that we need to make sure is safe. With Varpath, I have no doubt that we are protected.”

– UCSF, Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics

Two types of businesses keep showing up at our doorstep: Sensitive Data Holders + No Big Brother Believers

Sensitive data holders like law firms, dentist offices, mortgage companies, and financial advisors. No Big Brother Believers ranging from advertising to construction firms who want protection without feeling overly restricted by intrusive software and web browsing constraints.

Varpath has helped companies ranging from manufacturing to professional services, the U.S. government to retail businesses. See some of our industry-specific case studies below.

Too many businesses are vulnerable specifically because they are paralyzed by fear, uncertainty and doubt. There is most definitely a better way.

We don’t believe in being the man behind the curtain — sowing fear to encourage over-engineered solutions. Most customers can benefit from a simpler solution that is affordable enough to be viable across the business. Read more about our unique approach that has helped companies like yours.

“Varpath has been great to work with. I can focus on operations knowing we are protected and, if anything happens, Varpath has it under control.”

– large California entertainment venue

Get informed to help you on your path to Approachable Solutions, Unassailable Security with Varpath.

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