Our current offering is a 4th generation product.  We are super passionate about what we do, and we hope to keep refining our solutions for our customers.  

We started in 2008, and we originally just sold parts. “Good luck with your parts!” We sold lots of different parts, from many different manufacturers.  Over time, we learned which ones fit together the best.  But often customers would often prefer a complete solution. We have provided one since 2009.  Today in 2020, Varpath’s focus is on corporate and mobile security.

Our 1st generation solution began after we had been selling parts for about a year.  Then, in 2009, our founder’s medical records were mixed up with another person with the same first and last name as him. 2009 was the same year as the HITECH act, of which the primary purpose was to encourage healthcare to modernize, and adopt EMR (Electronic Medical Records).  As it was his medical records that were mixed up, our founder jumped to it and developed an end-to-end solution and product offering for us. You just give us the address and we would provide everything.  To start, we would be able to provide you multiple quotes for what Internet costs at your location. On the physical infrastructure side, we could provide the Internet, WiFi access points, firewalls, PCs and phones. Cybersecurity for endpoints, servers, network, etc. Disaster recovery was handled too. Everything was backed up by Varpath. Then of course the reason for all of this. We provided a top-tier SAS solution for the medical records through Allscripts.

Soon after came the 2nd generation solution, “SailSafer”. Much of the functionality was stripped away, and it was a much simpler, nimbler template-driven product which centered around the home. This solution provided a webpage front-end to drive a XML-driven smart Internet gateway for parents, providing multiple WiFis for kids, parents, and guests. Web filtering, bandwidth and time-driven scheduling. Most importantly, it also provided a test to providing as-hands-free of an experience as possible. The customer just needed to plug in power and the Internet to the clearly labeled port. The gateway would “phone home” to download a specified configuration, then set up a tunnel to a datacenter to provide alerting and reporting services. We added a few automation services to compliment home users such as scheduled reboots, upgrades, quarantining, and reporting.

3rd generation “Varpath” was an automated business solution.  It incorporated Gen1, SailSafer (Gen2) and new technologies with an emphasis on templates and automation.  Major enhancements included humans at the end of the automation via a SOC (Security Operations Center). Ticketing systems were added to support detailed customer requests. Endpoint and network security received numerous upgrades. The WiFi offering was amped up to a military grade solution. This was a well-received solution from our customers. We could do all this for less than $7/day per employee, which is still a ridiculously affordable price. We really did design things so you bring the professionals and workers to an office and we’ll handle the rest. We used to say things like “You have enough on your mind running your business to worry about secure infrastructure.”

Today, we are offering our 4th generation, “Checkbox… Compliance!” solution which adds compliance through automation.  This makes something costly much more affordable and attainable. Not all compliance standards are automated, but at this time we do have support for NIST CSF, GDPR, HIPAA, and we just added support for the DoD CMMC.  If you need help on those terms, check out our help section for first time compliance. Compliance is just maintaining a huge checklist of things you have and haven’t done, along with the notes for it. This is a very easy thing to automate and provide software along with technical and security support. As you can see, it is an easy overlay if we are also helping you out with your infrastructure (or a portion of it).  Varpath can provide you with not only easy infrastructure, we can help you achieve and keep whatever standards you or your industry require.

We are excited to have you learn about our passion and why we do what we do! 
We will continue to upgrade our offerings and provide our  customers with excellent support.
Join our customers!  You will be amazed by our offering and personal touch.  We know our customers, and they are never just a number.  All our engineers are local and happy to help out.  

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Q & A

How do you put together such an affordable solution when I pay so much more for just one component?"

We used to sell all the pieces and components!  Besides supporting (and a love for) Open Source software, we also sold enterprise equipment.  We sold it all.  Cisco, HP, IBM, Juniper, NetApp, the list goes on and on…  As part of reselling hardware and software, you usually get “Not For Resale” engineering licenses and gear.  This was the best!  We could play with the equipment to our heart’s content.  Consequently we know all the prices, and what fits.  

We don’t just as the saying goes, “Buy IBM”.  We take the design risk off your back and provide a complete solution.

Where is engineering  based?

Varpath’s engineers are normally based in California, Colorado, and Washington state.  

My business deals with sensitive information.  Do you have access to my data?

No, we do not have access to your data unless you give it to us, and we don’t want them!  We prefer not to have access to your files.

Are your engineers background checked?

All engineers are background checked US Citizens.

How long have Varpath’s engineers been working for the company?

Most our engineers have been with the company for well over 5 years.

Are your engineers trustworthy?

Our engineers are both extremely experienced as well as reliable. You are in good hands with us!

Can you provide references?

Absolutely!  We have lots of customers that can refer us.  We don’t give that information out to everyone, though.  Give us a call and lets talk!

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