Knowing every business is unique, we understand you first.Then offer options.


Varpath recommendations provide protection without constraining your operations. Digital security should keep bad guys out, but let you move freely.

Freedom of choice

No all-or-nothing propositions. Varpath will present you with different cost-to-benefit options that give you flexibility to run your business the way you want.


Protect your entire organization, whether onsite or remote.

  • Surveying
  • Deep foundations
  • Formwork and concreting
  • Grout injection
  • Suspended scaffolding

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Innovative Solutions

Leverage agile frameworks to provide a robust synopsis for high level overviews.

  • Develop a budget
  • Collect constructability data
  • Undertake value analysis
  • Establish scheduling and sequencing
  • Approve licencing requirements

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Protect your entire organization, whether onsite or remote.

Endpoint Security

More devices means more risk to manage. Secure endpoints large and small.

Patch Management

Ensure all devices and machines have the latest and best security management.

Complete Hardware/Software

Soup to nuts. We can help you get your entire organization set up and secure.

Firewalls & Wireless Networks

Secure your private office network, public amenity spaces, or do it all.

Complete Company Cybersecurity

Set up and support for the complete umbrella of cybersecurity. Every acronym out there. MFA (Multi Factor Authentication), SSO (Single Sign On), VPN (Virtual Private Network), ETC (Etcetera).

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