First-Time Meeting + Scans

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First-Time Meeting + Scans bundle
(For new customers only)


This first time meeting is to help you with a vulnerability assessment.  What does your organization look like to the outside world?

Kick-start cybersecurity for your organization with a proper Cybersecurity strategy.  To make this meeting more successful for you, it is better if you provide the  following information.  We will contact you during business hours to schedule a time suitable for you.

Please provide this information prior to our talk :

  1. Domains owned.
    ALL used should be reported.  As an example for :

    1. We principally use “”.  That is our primary domain
    2. We also own domain “”, a completely different site.  But it should nevertheless be reported.
    3. We also own “” so this should also be reported
    4. We also own “” and so forth…
  2. IP addresses used
    1. Any permanent IPs attached to the organization
      1. Gateways
      2. IP blocks
      3. Cloud resources
  3. Personal emails you would like evaluated
    1. @gmail
    2. @yahoo
    3. @forexample