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Ready to go, Compliance-Ready Infrastructure starts at $299/seat, billed monthly.  The Varpath managed security subscription includes software, hardware, and services.  You get a complete compliance ready solution covering your HQ, networks, and endpoints.

$299/month per seat provides the following.

  1. Continuous vulnerability assessments
    1. Continued assessments monthly
    2. Continued assessments quarterly
  2. Access to the Varpath SOC (Security Operations Center)
    1. Staffed by background checked US citizens
    2. Experienced security engineers
  3. Strategies to break incoming (enemy) automation attacks
    1. Attacks against passwords
    2. Attacks against endpoints
    3. Attacks against networks
  4. Event management, monitoring, & alerting
    1. Security Information Event Manager (SIEM) or similar system
    2. If you don’t have a SIEM, Varpath will provide you with software
  5. Reporting system: New threats reported to you
    1. Immediate for endpoint issues
    2. Consolidated monthly reporting
  6. Minor issues automatically dealt with for you
    1. Return your system to steady state automatically
      1. Tickets reviewed by Varpath engineers as needed
      2. Automated responses to resolve minor issues.
  7. Monthly reporting on vulnerabilities
  8. Darkweb presence monitoring
  9. Network gateway firewall for your HQ
  10. A gateway firewall for each branch office
  11. VPN connectivity
    1. VPN encryption uses Perfect Forward Security (PFS)
    2. Site to site branch office interconnectivity set up and supported (via IPSEC)
    3. mobile SSL VPN supported
    4. mobile IPSEC VPN supported
  12. Botnet protection
  13. Wireless networking “WiFi”
  14. Military grade capable WiFi management
  15.  MFA (MultiFactor Authentication) solution, supporting
    1. Push (preferred method)
    2. Token
    3. OTP (One Time Pad)
    4. SMS (can be disabled as per SS7 vulnerabilities)
  16. Awareness training:
    1. Phishing training, with scoring & reporting
    2. Cybersecurity training, with scoring & reporting
  17. Network IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems)
  18. Network application identification
  19. Network AntiVirus
  20. Network web filtering
  21. Windows Endpoint AV and APT solution
  22. Windows Endpoint patch management
  23. Server patch management
  24. Server Anti Virus (Linux)
  25. Endpoint patch management
  26. Endpoint intrusion detection / prevention
  27. Endpoint DNS security
  28. Endpoint web filtering
  29. Guidance on additional infrastructure needed
  30. Guidance on Operations
  31. Guidance on general business continuity
    1. Backups
    2. Point in time : Recovery Point Objectives
    3. Point of time : Recovery Time Objectives
    4. Offsite continuity capabilities (WFH : Work From Home for employees)
  32. Guidance on HR policies

Billed at the start of every month, cancel anytime!

Please make sure the contact details are accurate.
Change the incident response defaults to suit your specific organization.

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