GDPR Compliance

Multi-year GDPR compliance with Varpath Compliance As A Service!

  • No guesswork on passing multi-year.
  • Know where you stand in real-time.
  • Pull current records of compliance, instantly.
  • Tie together with a cybersecurity insurance policy.


GDPR Compliance? Where should I start?

Enter the General Data Protection Regulation, more commonly referred to by it’s acronym, GDPR. Designed to protect the data security and privacy of EU citizens. The regulations empower EU consumers with more power over their data. A “right to be forgotten” is one of the more memorable. A stronger consent process is another. More rules around breach notification. And some basic requirements.


CAAS (Compliance As A Service)

By partnering up with a trusted partner like Varpath you will have access to current commercial grade cybersecurity protection, compliance, and audit tools. This accentuates your existing IT team with an experienced team that combines network policy with compliance. This combines hardware, software, and multiple point solutions. This brings network, identity, certificate, logs, and dark web monitoring to your business. Varpath provides all of these comprehensive solutions and more together for you filtered through a team of cybersecurity professionals. All together for a SMB price.

How does it work?

Varpath provides a combination of hardware and software to help put together a solution for you. Data for your Varpath security analysts. Our solutions will have you passing compliance ASAP! Even better, once you pass, we can help keep you on-track!

You can future-proof your company from facing GDPR fines or dealing with business process interruptions. Varpath makes monitoring affordable enough for small business to take advantage of enterprise-level actionable intelligence. 

Contact our experts and pass compliance ASAP!