Managed Services

The Varpath managed infrastructure solution includes everything you need to get your business off the ground. From the servers to the endpoints and everything in between. We secure the network, physical offices, provide identity management, systems, and cloud. Our SOC provides you with automated ticket management so you are only alerted after one of our talented engineers reviews the issue at hand.

Advanced Services

Variable Path can provide you with professional services to help you get the job done, and done right. Our customer engineers are all seasoned and experienced experts, here to get the job done right. Some of the services we can provide include:

Red Team Threat Hunting

Track down vulnerabilities and compliance issues BEFORE danger strikes.
Our vulnerability experts can look at different areas of your organization to provide you with pinpoint advice on what changes need to be made, what updates need to be performed, and what policies need strengthening. Get fast results with automated scans, or intricate deep level results if you have more time.

Dark Web Vigilance

Variable Path will watch the dark web, scan and indexing it every day via automated software solutions we use to provide you with safe and secure dark web monitoring. Although there are some free sites that provide basic dark web information, Variable Path goes well beyond what you see from HaveIBeenPwnwed. (That site is a godsend, Troy Hunt I wish you all the Karma in the universe) With Variable Path, we will send you copies of your leaked passwords, monitor your IP addresses, monitor personal emails, and all the company digital properties. If any of that data show up on the dark web, you’ll know right away.

Domain Tumbling

Did you know that most phishing attacks start with a lookalike domain registration? What if you had a partner that pre-determined what domains were likely phishing candidates. Simply put, unless you have a large company, there are just too many URLs to buy. Another strategy is to do the next best thing. Watch your domain for signs of an attack! The moment a copycat domain or SSL certificate gets registered, we’ll know and alert you.

Virtual CISO

Our Virtual CISO services provide CyberSecurity help and guidance.

  • Cybersecurity help and guidance.
  • Customer requests.
  • Questions about security frameworks.
  • Questions about security compliance.
  • CISO services.

Incident Response

This is our most specialized offering. Contact us directly about availability. We typically only provide Incident Response to our existing customers.

  • Post-Incident assistance.
  • Isolate incident.
  • Determine incident source.
  • Prevention / Futureproofing.
  • Post-Incident must-dos.
  • Post-Incident take-aways.