Cybersecurity Health Check


Get proactive of your network and systems. From viruses and malware, to a clear network, to shoring up your architecture, and cleaning up your defenses. Don’t let yesterday’s problems become an issue today.

Proactive Threat Hunting:
This provides you the same solution as an active breach, but on your time, and at a much better price. Scheduled and proactive is always better than rushed and reactive. Full incident response capabilities, but done on your schedule and your budget.

  • Varpath provides the specialized virtual/physical devices.
  • Full reporting of threat hunting on your behalf.
  • Fix what we find, we try to save your data when possible.
  • Redesign of your strategy going forward
  • Threat Hunting appliances scale up easily for your convenience.
  • The same software powering our cloud appliance runs locally.
  • Keep your data on-prem and nearby with a local copy.

Code Reviews:
All code should go through a review with a third party editor for a security review. We can help!

  • Find deficiencies in active code, currently exposed to the public.
  • Find flaws as part of your development process.
  • Talk with a Varpath expert for your custom solution.