Virtual CISO
(Chief Information Security Officer)

A premier solution for your business. Your business is increasingly digital. Increasingly growing. The demands on corporate guidance are high.

Varpath can help. Once you are a customer, Varpath can provide fractional CISO expertise to help you guide your business forward from there.

If your IT department is staffed by less than 20 people, it is unlikely you have a company CISO. If there is a shortage of qualified and trained cybersecurity personnel at the bottom of the chain, then definitely at the top as well. Instead of letting this hamper your goals, let us provide the guidance by providing access to one of our top level experts.

  • Security Spend guidance
  • Cyber liability guidance – post incident.
  • Buying cyber crime insurance for a current incident.
  • Pre-Breach: How to best utilize your budget.
  • Security Team Guidance
  • Infosec team building
  • Infosec team staffing
  • Advanced security guidance
  • Application security guidance
  • Supply chain security
  • Cybersecurity investigations
  • Red team support
  • Blue team support